Product overview:

Presieved Sand
0 – 3,5 mm

Barmac sand
0 – 4,5 mm

Limestone Aggregates
For concrete, asphalt and concrete element, (road) foundation

Aggregate # 1
25 – 50 mm

Aggregate # 2
12.5 – 25 mm

Aggregate # 3
9,5 – 19 mm

Aggregate # 4
4,75 – 9,5 mm

Aggregate # 5
3,0 – 5,0 mm

Base coarse
0 – 50 mm

Phosphate Rock for Agriculture sector
Limited amount of phosphate limestone is still available; Ca Phosphate P2O5 (2 – 4%P).

Selected Boulders
Selected boulders for Marine defense systems in different sizes up to 3.5 m tons.

Fine screened limestone
For Water filters, Poultry feed, Glass industry. Agriculture limestone, paints fillers and plasters

Curacao Limestone is a very pure Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) from the Table Mountain. This calcium marine deposit was formed uninterrupted in a very dry and very clear seawater environment over millions of years. There were no river sediments or other minerals such as iron to disrupt the deposit’s development. That makes the calcium so unique and containing a high (99%) CaCO3 content, a very white color and excellent solvability when compared to other limestone products.

Use of Limestone

Limestone is used for various purposes. It is widely used to adjust the pH of water in pool treatment, but it’s also necessary to neutralize the acid in water and to reduce corrosion of pipes and mains caused by acid water. Limestone is used in Post treatment filters. Our limestone dissolves completely in desalinated drinking water and therefore will result in clean filters with very low maintenance cost. In addition limestone is a healthy nutriment in drinking water and improves the taste of the finalized product.

The following products are especially tailored for niche markets under the name
Curacao Calcium:

Water Filter Limestone 2 – 5mm
For Calcium Post treatment filters in desalination and RO Plants

Due to the purity of this limestone and therefore a very low insoluble residue percentage, filter tanks only need to be topped up. No cleaning is necessary.

Flint Processed Limestone 1 – 3mm
Excellent for the clearest flint glass

An iron (Fe203) content less than 0.004% will result in the brightest and clearest glass bottles.

For soil improvement and boosting PH MMC’s Soil Improvement Limestone is perfect for direct application or addition to fertilizer mixes.

Feed Grade Limestone 0 – 0.75mm
Excellent Poultry Feed Additive

Chicken farmers use between 6 – 12% Limestone additive for broiler, pullet and layer feed; a must for a strong shell.

Available in big bags (1000kg/pc) or bulk (minimum 2000 m ton shipments)

*Fun Fact: Carib Glass is a MMC satisfied customer for over 10 years.

*Fun Fact: MMC is NSF/ANSI 60 Certified