Health Safety & Environment

The MMC management considers the overall safety systems as very important for the realization of safe working conditions and as a method to efficiently meet all the appropriate safety requirements and standards for its employees and all other persons present at the sites. The MMC acts according to current laws and regulations pertaining to labor, the environment and collective labor agreement, and adheres to the chain of liability and the obligation to comply with the social security and local taxes and contributions to the respective parties. The safety system is defined in the Safety Manual and meets the standards of Caribbean Safety Standard CSS 2009:12.

kurt_verbist_mmcThe method in which and the attention with which one deals with safety, health and the environment determines the image and social acceptance of the company. MMC wants the employees of the company to fully  understand and be aware of the importance of occupational health and safety, environment and third parties. These focal points cannot be seen separately. We need to work in such a way that accidents are prevented. Good management and proper skills are essential for accident prevention.

Health, safety and environment
At work, employees have a lot on their mind: the details of daily operations, their interaction with a customer, and the dynamics of the team. Health and safety are often lost out of sight. Our policy for health and safety includes education and training to incorporate safety as part of the culture. Just as one learns to protect oneself from threats and dangerous influences in everyday life, one has to protect oneself from threatening factors at the workplace also. Working in a mine puts employees at much greater risks using machinery, large equipment, dangerous substances and so on. Furthermore, it is important that the work process does not cause any stress or damage to the environment and nature.

Well-being, also a part of the MMC policy, is the quality of life; therefor health, life enjoyment and an enjoyable working are paramount. This should not be confused with prosperity. Every employee at MMC must be able to execute his / her work safely, free from bullying and harassment or discrimination. At work, it is important that one can develop through learning and training. This further improves the well being of the person in the workplace.