MMC Values

“The product seems so rough and tough, yet it’s very meticulous work that delivers such high end perfected granule”

At Mijnmaatschappij a small group of people almost literally move mountains. Working in an environment with a relatively small team means that the stakes are high. We must all be accountable and not only understand the company’s core values, but implement them daily in our operations.

Integrity – Responsibility – Loyalty – Solidarity

Mijnmaatschappij is responsible for transforming natural resources using the best technologies available. Resulting in products that meet or exceed the expectations of the consumer in various industries. Ensuring continuity as a profitable company that is constantly taking the environment, the community and the dedicated team of MMC employees into account.

values_mmc_smallMijnmaatschappij raises the bar within the mining industry, both locally and internationally, with a guaranteed superb quality and control thereof, outstanding service, continuous innovation and investment, efficient productivity and lastly by respecting at all times the environment and the people that live and work within the community in which MMC operates.

picture: Bea Moedt